Hand Crafted Knives by Larry J. Rosi

All knives are entirely hand made by me in my knife shop in southwestern Pennsylvania . Since they are made by "eye", no two will be exactly alike - any knife you purchase will be unique.
Each knife comes with its own sheath. The sheaths are made of high quality leather and water-formed to the knife for the best possible fit.
If you don't see exactly what you had in mind, let's talk. Chances are, I can make it for you, just get in touch with me.

You know when you have found a quality product by the way it feels, handles, performs, lasts, etc. I remember the first time I sat in a high dollar luxury car - when I shut the door it had a solid thump and blocked out all the outside noise... Handling Larry's knives gave me that same experience. They handle well and the edge lasts far beyond the typical factory knife that I have used. There is really no comparison.

Jon E. Silks - Senior Field Evaluator at BowHunting.net