One thought on “Video: The Making of a Damascus Knife

  1. Hello. It seems your website is not working very well as the contact system is down… Might want to look in to that unless your retired. Anyway, I was actually just looking at your website because I live in pittsburgh and I have ordered a 5 piece set of Sabatier kitchen knife blanks off ebay. I felt it was an awesome find and I couldn’t pass it up but they are not heat treated/tempered and need to be ground and edged… I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew as I have never made knives before. I didn’t know how much would go in to finishing these blanks at the time of purchase. I will try to do it myself if I can’t find someone else to help me but I figured I’d look around anyway. So basically I’m asking if you might be interested in finishing these for me? How much you would charge if you were interested? I have looked in to building a small gas forge for the heat treating and that would be pretty cheap and simple but as I have no experience grinding and edging I would hate to destroy these 100 year old carbon steel blanks… I also since stumbled on to your site am quite interested in that filet knife. I was wondering if it was flexible in the blade and also was wondering what you would charge for it? I figure since all your knives are custom it varies but if you could give me a ballpark or possibly just tell me 3 prices like high mid low or something. I’ve been looking for a good filet knife. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

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